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All Souls Church welcomes people of all backgrounds and faiths to join us for worship and community.   You are encouraged to participate in congregational life before becoming a member.


If you’d like to learn more about this church and our UU tradition, speak with any member of the Board of Trustees or the Membership Committee.  You are also welcome to come to coffee hour after worship where you will find many members of the congregation who can informally share information about the church.

At All Souls to become a member here means you’re ready to say “This is my church,” and that you intend to participate actively here and help out as you’re able, contributing your time, talent and treasure.

Our Bylaws state that “any person 16 years of age or older may become a Member of the Church by signing the Church’s Membership Book, signifying that they understand and are in sympathy with the purposes and programs of the Church. Active Members shall be those Members who have contributed financially or in service to the Church within the last 12 months.”

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