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Religious Education

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church 

Due to Covid, there is no Religious Education.


Where We Teach the Seven UU Principles

1  Each person is important
2  Be kind in all you do
3  We’re free to learn together
4  We search for what is true
5  All people need a voice
6  Build a fair and peaceful world
7  We care for Earth’s lifeboat

The Six Pillars of UU Religious Education


1  UU Identity

Children develop an understanding of Unitarian Universalism and what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist;


2  Our Religious Heritage

Children develop a thorough knowledge of Jewish Christian history art, music, literature and their relationships to Unitarian Universalism;


3  World Religions

Children develop a broad appreciation of the world’s religions, especially similarities and differences with Unitarian Universalism;


4  Peace and Social Justice

Children develop an attitude of tolerance and respect for similarities and differences as well as understanding the effects of scarcity and abundance in our lives;


5  Our Interdependent Web

Children develop an understanding of the interconnectedness of our lives to the environment, each other, other people and other creatures; and

6 Our Relationships with Others

Children develop strong bonds within the church and our extended community of children, youth and adults in mutual exploration of what it means to live religiously.

For more information please contact  or check out our additional Facebook page on religious education (R.E.) at All Souls Church.

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