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Sunday, May 28, 2023, 10:30 a.m.

Worship Leader:   Reverend Steve Wilson
Topic:  "The Costs of War"

Bumper-stickers offer the prayer that there should and eventually will be a day when we will hold bake sales to buy bombers.  Today, on a day when we honor our fallen soldiers and tally some of the overall costs of war we are both painfully reminded hat that day has not yet come, but may be for very practical reasons getting closer.  Today like an economist might we look at the costs of war.

Musician:  Annie Hassett


The All Souls Board has changed the current COVID-19 policy to a masks welcome yet optional .

This year's services and video are available on this YouTube channel:

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The UU Church of the Larger Fellowship

The UU church offers an online sanctuary and other online connections called the "Church of the Larger Fellowship" or CLF.   All that is required is an internet connection on your computer or phone, downloading the "Zoom" application (method used by CLF to holds weekly services), and registering with CLF online.  

Services are available on Sundays at 8:00 pm (EST)

The link below will connect you to the Church of the Larger Fellowship page. Select the Worship catagory and you access the page where there is information on how to register, download "Zoom", and participate in the weekly online services.  This CLF site also has other information links like "Quest For Meaning" and "Family Quest" which have many other resources for your spiritual journey.

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