Our Sunday Gatherings or Services are held usually
in the Sanctuary at 10:30 a.m. 

  During this COVID event, Virtual services are being held. 


Hopefully, services will be held again in the building after Labor Day.


Currently, we are meeting via virtual services online.

Services are cooperative with Bernardston Unitarian Church
and First Parish Unitarian Church.

The service and video will be simulcast on this YouTube channel:

2015-06-14 11.30_edited.jpg

The UU Church of the Larger Fellowship

The UU church offers an online sanctuary and other online connections called the "Church of the Larger Fellowship" or CLF.   All that is required is an internet connection on your computer or phone, downloading the "Zoom" application (method used by CLF to holds weekly services), and registering with CLF online.  

Services are available on Sundays at 8:00pm (EST)

The link below will connect you to the Church of the Larger Fellowship page. Select the Worship catagory and you access the page where there is information on how to register, download "Zoom", and participate in the weekly online services.  This CLF site also has other information links like "Quest For Meaning" and "Family Quest" which have many other resources for your spiritual journey.


Greetings Friends

Like you, I am very concerned about the COVID infection, but together we will weather this storm.  Some churches are holding services, proceeding with precautions and no pot-lucks or coffee hour. Some are cancelling services. 


All Souls Will Not have services through most of  2020-2021. 
We will continue to assess going forward.


When we come back together in the church building, we will still pay attention to social distancing and being careful about everyone's health.


Attention to prevention is recommended to lower the curve of incidence and severity. 

  • Wash your hands really well and often. Alcohol wash is available in the narthex. 

  • Avoid contact- try bowing, jazz hands or other methods of greeting. 

  • Maintain 6ft social distance in the sanctuary.

  • Cover your cough with tissue and dispose it neatly. And wash your hands!

  • If you are feeling any symptoms, or are immuno compromised, or just don't want to take a chance - Stay Home. 


As we pay attention to avoiding physical contact, I encourage us all to reach out to one another for support.

It's a scary time and isolation can be very depressing. 

This past year has been a lesson in Community. The church building is not the church.

All Souls is our community. 

To that end, the leadership will be working to strengthen our connections via internet. We will appreciate any input and ideas about connections. 


Kate and the Board