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Members, with the help of the Music Committee, arrange the mix of accompanists and soloists who grace our Sunday and special services.


All Souls' Choir

Sing your heart out!  We welcome new singers. You need no music-reading skills to join us.

We sing a wide variety of genres, from classical and jazz to gospel and rock, and from many traditions.

​Do you play an instrument? 
We'd be happy for you to accompany
the choir on piano, organ or guitar ...
or to add special touches with any
instrument; we welcome
your contributions!

Performances and Concerts

All Souls is filled with music the year round.  Our Sanctuary's renowned acoustics makes it a favorite of musicians and ensembles in this region, and All Souls hosts a number of musical performances throughout the year! 

If you're interested in booking the Sanctuary for your own musical performances, contact

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