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Social Justice

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Social justice is one of the cornerstones of our congregation.  Our Social Justice Committee invites outside speakers to offer sermons on social justice topics several Sundays each year.  Often workshops are held afterward related to the sermon topic.

We vote annually as a congregation to choose a social justice theme for the year.

All Souls Social Justice Committee meets at 12:00 noon, every second Sunday

of the month. The Social Justice Committee has a long history at All Souls

UU Church of Greenfield. The Committee has sponsored an Anti-Racism Film

Festival for the last 18 years.  The Festival offers three films each year which address some aspect of racism and includes a facilitated discussion after each film.  


Each year the Committee picks an area of social justice focus for group's work for the year.  This year the Committee is focusing on racism and climate change. By combining these two areas of focus, we hope to address the impact of climate change on communities of color. In past years, our focus has included the climate crisis, health, and immigration. Actions we have taken in past years include supporting direct actions such as vigils, letter writing to our representatives, showing up at school committee meetings school districts where racial bulling has occurred. We have also sponsored activities such as workshops on improving bee habitats, and have sponsored workshops and group discussions around social justice issues.We also offer support to other organizations such as Racial Justice Rising and those in the community who work on issues like climate. Prior to the pandemic, we joined with Stone Soup Cafe in providing an opportunity for health problems such as dental care to be addressed for our homeless population. The committee gets to choose an individual who is active in social justice issues to offer the religious service at All Souls Church once a month.

Ellen Blanchette and Molly Chambers, Co-Chairs



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