Social Justice

Social justice is one of the cornerstones of our congregation.  Our Social Justice Committee invites outside speakers to offer sermons on social justice topics several Sundays each year.  Often, workshops are held afterward related to the sermon topic.

We vote annually as a congregation to choose a social justice theme for the year.
The social justice theme for 2019-2020 is Economic Justice.

Members of our committee and the congregation are active in town, state and
national social justice actions and programs.  We work with Franklin County Council of Government's (FRCOG) Community Health Program (CHIP).  Committee members have worked to address racism in the Greenfield and Turners Falls schools. We collaborated with Racial Justice Rising and Not in Our Town (NIOT) for our anti- racism film festival.  We have worked with Greening Greenfield about environmental issues.

This past spring we held our 17th Annual Anti- Racism Film Festival. We showed 3 films which dealt with different aspects of racism. Each film was followed by facilitated discussion.  Momodou Saar, Carl McCargo from the Springfield UU church and Strong Oak from the Visioning Bear organization have been our discussion leaders.  We anticipate having our 18th annual anti-racism film festival next spring.  

This film festival was started by multi-racial families to address the racism they experienced in the local schools.  They wished to do something positive to address the racism they experienced.

Our committee has worked to lobby our state representatives on environmental, racism and immigration related issues.  Laura Wagner of UU Mass Action gave a sermon and workshop about statewide lobbying by UU  Mass Action.  She has helped us learn about the process whereby proposals become laws.

We have collaborated with Stone Soup Cafe and the Community Health Center to start mini health fairs for those attending the Cafe and the broader community.  These fairs offer dental screenings, BP screenings and other medical information.  They are staffed by nurses and dentists from the Community Health Center.  We wished to make it easier for cafe attendees to access medical and dental care.

Our committee meets the 2nd Sunday of the month after coffee hour.  Molly Chambers and Ellen Blanchette are the co- chairs of the committee.  All are welcome to attend.

Please also see our Current Community Involvement on this website.